Is your kitchen more Gordon Ramsey than Mahatma Gandhi?


Too much trauma in your tabbouleh? Feuding over falafel? Fear not, because the solution is at hand.

At last, a domestic guide book for carnivores and vegetarians!

A Lion in the Allotment is here to help chart a course through the treacherous waters of your culinary choices.

In kitchens across the land peace is breaking out as carnivores, vegetarians and vegans join hands and march towards a bright shining future of kitchen contentment...

A LION in the Allotment

The carnivore's guide to living with a vegetarian

So what's this book all about then?

A humorous and informative guide

to the ethics, science and practicalities of meat eaters and vegetarians living together. 


It's all about helping you live in harmony with people who don't share your choices.

It might be your brother, mother, wife or flatmate, but if you're a meat eater who lives with a vegetarian or vegan, or visa versa, then this is the book for you.

There's no agenda and no preaching,  just practical advice and the basic facts.


Where can I buy this life-changing new book?

You can buy it right here!



Whoa, slow up!

Maybe I want to have a look first...

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About the Author

In August 2005, Ben Cijffers was involved in a life-changing vegetarian accident when he met and fell instantly in love with his non-carnivorous wife.

As an avid meat-eater and vege-a-sceptic his post-accident rehabilitation meant adjusting to a new domestic food reality, one which could mean a succession of meals without meat on the plate. Over the next few years as the couple embarked on their journey into multi-diet domesticity, Ben’s preconceptions were challenged, his concept of food was re-imagined, and both cooking disasters and triumphs were experienced in almost equal measure.

Having lived with his wife in Romania, Australia, Malaysia and France, Ben has seen the full spectrum of attitudes towards vegetarianism: from those who simply cannot grasp the concept to those for whom it is core to their identity and faith. This book aims to take a small step towards bridging that gulf.